NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a highly efficacious way of providing the individualized support to the individuals with disability. NDIS is a scheme launched by the federal government that offers funding to the individuals with disability. The intent is to enable the individuals with disability to access the support services required by them for meeting their everyday specific needs or to achieve their ultimate aims. The level and context of support differs on the basis of their circumstances and needs, the individual though have more control and choice regarding the support services they receive.

This is an insurance scheme for individuals with disabilities because disability can affect anyone and through this scheme, the eligible individuals can get access to the crucial funds. This is a relatively flexible method to provide individualized support to people suffering from disabilities for long term. We as the registered NDIS provider, intent that individuals living with disabilities would receive adequate care and support that they not only desire but also deserve for attaining an enhanced lifestyle

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Eligibility Criteria

However, there is an eligibility criteria for the individuals to receive the NDIS funding which is as below
Age of 65

Must be under the age of 65

Australian citizen

Must be Australian citizen

Permanent Disability

Should have a permanent disability

Requires Support

Needs support for attaining their aim/goal or to live life properly

Accessing NDIS

The website of National Disability Insurance Scheme provides a detailed and through summary of how NDIS can be accessed by the participants. For further information, you can contact us or visit the NDIS Website.


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